3 Steps to Help Athletes Negotiate First Non-Sports Salary

Attention former athletes, we have some news for you. When you transition from your sport to a career after sports, you will likely have to begin negotiating your own salaries.

Alright, so maybe many of you already played a part in your previous salary negotiation. However, many of you didn’t conduct research or put together your own negotiating strategy. Tasks like that were what you paid your agency for—but in the job world, you do not have an agency negotiating on your behalf.

Because of this, we want to help you understand exactly what you will be up against and possibly need to do to make sure you are getting top dollar in your career after sports. Thanks to a recent article from our friends at NexGoal, you can do just that.

They broke down three key things you need to do before you negotiate your salary in a recent article, which you can read the full version of here. But before you do that, there were a couple of key takeaways from this article you should be aware of if you are negotiating for the first time.

You will have to study the market to determine your value

This is pretty simple, as in your sport your agent was likely determining your value based on age, performance and previous contracts of players who fit your production level. In the job world, you will have to look at pay of those for the same job you are applying for or currently working in. You will also need to look at geographic region, and your performance yet again to determine your worth.

Develop your own plan of attack

In sports, a lot of salary negotiations come at certain times—the end of your contract, after a breakout season or when the team wants to save money. In the job world, you have to determine when you are going to ask and how you are going to show your value all on your own.

These are just a couple of takeaways from the article, so head over to NexGoal to read the full article now.

Also, if you want to see how much you should be making at a certain job right now—try out this free salary calculator from Payscale.com either to the right or below the article!

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