3 Steps To Align Your Personal Brand Before Your Job Search

Are you applying for jobs blindly? Perhaps you have some idea of what you are looking for in an opportunity, but are more focused on personal needs such as location, salary and personal interests? Do you want to ensure that the job you choose is going to propel your career to where it needs to go?

If you answered “yes” to the aforementioned questions, then read on, because as an executive personal branding consultant, I would like to share some actionable tips to consider BEFORE spending any more time on your job search.

The purpose of these tips is to make sure that you understand how to identify your personal brand strengths that align with your own developing “job seeker profile.” Once you are able to do this, you will be able to determine the right career path – it can even be found right here on the VIKTRE Career Network!

If you are ready to develop a personal branding plan for your job search, there are three initial steps you can take to get started.

Step 1: Introspection

In business, the best way to ensure success is with proper planning and reviews. The same rings true for your personal brand as you prepare for your next career move. In my experience working with professional athletes I have had many clients come to me after making a career move that didn’t align with their own needs and interests. Instead, they made their decision because someone told them to go into a certain career. To avoid this, take some time to be introspective and start asking yourself some pointed questions such as:

  • Is there one area of my career that I truly want to grow?
  • What career am I best suited for AND what career(s) are not the right fit for me?
  • What industry do you have any particular real experience in? Do you feel aligned with those that work in it?
  • What industry will best suit my own career and personal missions?
  • What opportunities have I had that showcased my skills?

Step 2: Ask Those That Know You Best

Once you’ve reflected internally, it is time to seek outside counsel. Ask those who you have worked for in every capacity for testimonials, recommendations and insights to where they believe you have harnessed or expressed real career strengths.

After receiving feedback from at least five people, review what they had to say. Are there any common themes among them? What industries or specific jobs are the most visible? With these insights, you can get a better idea of what path you need to start paving for yourself.

What personality traits are seen when they describe you? These can be easily traced to specific job titles for your best career choice. For example, a people-person is much better suited for sales than someone who is primarily an analytical thinker or a researcher who may do their work best when working independently. Your closest former employers, coaches and peers may show you best.

Step 3: Make Your Actionable Plan

You wouldn’t job search without writing down your job or career criteria. You should take the same approach with your personal brand. When setting out to create a plan for your personal brand, be sure to include:

  • Top 2-3 strengths – what are they and what time of job(s) do they point to?
  • Relations and recommendations – what location are these in? In which industry do I have the most support?
  • Where will these potential employers find me? LinkedIn is an increasingly important resource (check out my latest article here), so your presence will allow employers to learn more about you.

Now you have the tools get to started on your own personal brand discovery to jumpstart the RIGHT career search. If you want to learn more about why and how to engage in real personal branding, read my 10 reasons for personal branding article on LinkedIn with video or jump over to my page on personal branding consulting and coaching support under Personal Brand Consultant.

To get more information on how Jasmine can help you create your digital brand, click here.

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