5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Take a Holiday From Your Job Search

There’s been much written and said about why it is critical to keep charging forward with your job search through the holidays. But I’d like to break it down a bit here with five reasons why you will stand out amongst your competition during the holidays and into 2017.

  1. Your competition is taking the easy way out and relaxing during the holidays. They are enjoying the parties, eggnog, mistletoe and more. By the time their fog clears, you’ll be the one getting the offers they could have had a shot at.
  2. Your competition is waiting until they collect their year-end bonuses. Many figure they can start their search soon after they receive these bonuses. That’s great news for you! Most people these days don’t actually see their bonuses in their accounts until February or March. Again, you’ll get that offer in the job you truly want first!
  3. Make new professional connections now! Reach out and connect on LinkedIn with those professionals that are either hiring managers or a desk or two away from them. For a variety of reasons, our souls make us all just a teensy bit more tolerant of things during the holidays, and those potential connections are more likely to accept your invitation during the holiday season; especially when you personalize those invites (subject matter for another day).
  4. Leverage those new connections into informal meetings. If you reach out asking for advice (not help like we talked about before) and insight from your connections, and suggest that you’d like to meet for a coffee, drink or lunch, you can then lay your personal marketing pitch on them when they are in much more comfortable surroundings. This allows them the chance to say , “Hey Mark, we may have an opening with our firm, would you consider meeting with my team?” Instead of forcing your resume in front of their faces and/or having to compete with everyone else through the rigorous early rounds of the interview process.
  5. Hiring managers need a break, and hiring you will be one less thing they need to worry about entering 2017! Yes, many companies are gearing up for 2017 with new budgets for hiring new employees, and if you meet with them in December and they run you through the interview process before your competition gets into the game, then you’re simply making their lives easier by impressing upon them that you’ll be happy to accept an offer now and start in January.

I can go on and on about how critical it is to keep the job search momentum cranking along, especially during the holidays and entering the winter months, and I’d love to hear from you so I can tell you more.

To get more information and download my free report on how to leverage your LinkedIn connections into interviews and offers, go here. I bring 20-plus years of recruiting and career coaching to the table, and have helped hundreds of professionals just like you land the jobs that they have truly wanted.

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