Athletes In Franchising: Kevin Durant Grabs a Slice

Former NBA MVP Kevin Durant of the reigning champion Golden State Warriors has become the latest athlete to get involved in the world of franchising – specifically in the food-service industry. The Durant Co., which he co-owns with manager and business partner Rich Kleiman, recently purchased franchises and a stake in the business of Pieology, the 141-unit fast-casual custom pizza franchise.

Durant joins the likes of fellow NBA superstar and former MVP LeBron James in ownership of fast-casual restaurant franchises as James has an ownership and franchise stake in Blaze Pizza. Both brands follow an assembly-line create-your-own-pizza model pioneered by Pieology, which became known as the “Chipotle of Pizzerias.” James’ initial investment and endorsement of Blaze in 2012 led to the brand becoming the fastest-growing food chain in history.

“I went to one of them and saw how quickly they did it and was really impressed with the quality. I just felt like, given how fast our lives are these days, we don’t want to wait for our pizza anymore.” – Kevin Durant

The list of athletes investing in franchises is growing exponentially, and for good reason. Franchising offers new business owners a proven playbook to work with, support from an established team, and an opportunity to shine in a leadership role, which makes athletes particularly strong franchisee candidates. The best way to find a franchise opportunity that is right for you is to work with an experienced franchise consultant.

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