Career Advice For Every Stage Of Your Career

Regardless of where you are at in your career, you can always use some advice. From deciding if a job offer is right for you, to figuring out if you’re ready to change jobs and everything in between, this advice is available with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The great thing, but often times the most frustrating thing, about your career is that no two paths are the same. What works for you might not work for someone else and that is perfectly okay. In order to gain insight how to create your own success, we seek advice.

Our friends over at The Muse polled career professionals for their “all-time best career advice,” for whatever stage you’re at in your career. The advice is broken down into different categories: On Working a Not-Quite-Dream-Job, On Advancing Your Career, On Excelling In Your Career, On Starting Your Own Business and On Doing What You Love. We will highlight a few pieces of advice from each phase of your career, but for all 45 tips, read the full article here.

On Working a Not-Quite-Dream-Job

Let’s face it, not every job you have will be the dream job. The key here is reminding yourself that it is all part of the bigger plan and the experience will provide valuable lessons for your career down the road, although it might not seem like it at the moment. If you have been or currently are in this position, it is imperative to keep an open mind and realize that this most likely isn’t going to be your job for the rest of your life. Check out this advice:

“The best career or job is the one in which you’re using the skills you enjoy. But, not every job needs to address all of your passions. Use every job as an opportunity to learn something new and keep an open mind; you may find that you really enjoy something you never imagined would appeal to you.” – Miriam Salpeter, Founder of Keppie Careers

“Every person you meet is a potential door to a new opportunity – personally or professionally. Build good bridges even in that just-for-now job, because you never know how they’ll weave into the larger picture of your life.” – Kristina Leonardi, Career Coach

On Advancing Your Career

Most people are motivated and driven in their career, but there are some that end up complacent and satisfied with their current role. When you become too comfortable you won’t be as receptive to new opportunities to advance your career or continue learning and as they say, “when you stop learning, you stop living.” Your career advancement is mostly up to you. While you might have a development plan with your boss at work, how quickly or slowly you advance is based on how willing you are to put in the work. Check out this advice:

“Every year or two, spend some time really thinking about your career. Go out and warm up your network, check out new opportunities, and do some salary comparisons. You make smarter career decisions when you have real data. Also, if you are afraid or uncomfortable, you are probably onto something awesome! Fear means you are growing your comfort zone – Christie Mims, Career Coach – The Revolutionary Club

“Take criticism or ‘feedback’ for what it is: a gift given to you to make you better at what you do. Don’t concern yourself with the person or the method of delivery. Instead, glean out the teachable nuggets and move on.” Michelle Bruno, President of Bruno Group Signature Events

On Excelling in Your Career

Now that you’ve settled in your career, it is time to excel. As you progress it isn’t uncommon to fall into a funk here and there, but you need to know how to break out of it. This is a common time to search for advice to continue down your path to success. If you’re at this stage of your career, check out this advice:

“Work hard and be nice to people. It’s a very simple motto I try to live by daily.” – Marie Burns, Recruiting Leader at Compete

“Tenacity and persistence – nothing beats it. Even if your talent isn’t there yet, you can always develop it to what it will eventually be. But people who are persistent and tenacious and driven and have a really clear, defined goal of what they want, nothing compares to that. Not giving up is really huge.” – Catt Sadler, Anchor at E!

“Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength. No one got to where they are today without help along the way. Don’t be afraid to ask, and then remember to return the favor.” – Elliott Bell, Director of Marketing at The Muse.

On Starting Your Own Business

Have you always dreamt of being your own boss? It usually doesn’t happen overnight and can be a time full of uncertainty, so you are likely to look for advice through a mentor or other avenues. Once you’ve gained the necessary skills and are ready to make that leap, this advice can help you out!

“I wish I knew that working smarter, not harder, is essential to surviving as an entrepreneur. You can get by working hard in the corporate world, but you won’t last long in small business ownership without working smart.” – Andrew Schrage, Partner and Editor-in-Chief of Money Crashers Personal Finance

“Don’t let fear be the reason you don’t launch your new business. When have you ever felt fully ready to do anything this important in your life? All you can do is prepare as much as humanly possible, know that you’ve done all you can for your baby to shine, and send it out into the world.” Megan Broussar, Founder of ProfessionGal

On Doing What You Love

At the end of the day, we all strive to embody the mantra “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” If you aren’t currently doing something you love but have been thinking about taking a risk and pursuing your passions, this advice is for you:

“When you need the courage to be bold, simply ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could possibly happen?’ When you have the answer, ask, ‘Can I live with that?’ And if the answer is yes, then take a leap! – Cindy Bates, Vice President of Small and Mid-Sized Businesses at Microsoft

“Ultimately, you won’t really know what you love to do unless you actually bite the bullet. Until you give it a go, it’s really just a speculation. So, whether you take a small step like signing up for a class or you dive head-first into entrepreneurship, roll up your sleeves and do it. You’ll never know until you try.” Ruth Zive, Writer

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” – Steve Jobs

Which stage of your career are you currently at? Regardless of where you find yourself, there is some advice to help guide you.

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