Introducing GFV Campus to Career

Utilizing industry leading sports and business assessment tools, GFV explores the skills and personality traits that have made you successful as an athlete.

Then comparing those results to their database, they can identify the career categories where you have the best opportunity for success.

There are hundreds of assessment tools on the market, but they are only as good as their database. With over 4 million business assessments and over 60 thousand athlete assessments, GFV can provide the robust data necessary to maximize your career success rate.

Their approach to helping you succeed is similar to the way most athletes and coaches approach their sports training.

First they assess the talent. Next, based on that talent, they put together a gameplan. Finally, the player goes out and executes.

Just like in sports, you have a trusted coach in GFV to help you through the slumps and maximize your performance.

The GFV Campus to Career Process

Interview Phase

GFV evaluates your talent based on two sets of information. They establish your personal baseline by getting to know how you view yourself and then measure personality traits with the Caliper Profile.

Assessment Phase

GFV defines your unique skills and personality traits, and begins to position you by making suggestions regarding the best for a job and work environment.

Career Roadmap

GFV puts it all together and helps develop and execute your career roadmap and the plan you will follow to reduce the risk of failure and give you the best chance for success.

How to Get Started

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