My Career Change: Bryan Allen’s Move From the NHL to Business

When a professional athlete’s playing days are over, many do not realize that athlete’s career in another field is often just beginning. As part of VIKTRE’s dedication to not only drive interaction between athletes and their fans, but also provide other athletes with inspiration on their own career transition, our Career team made it a priority to show how successful many athletes have been since their playing days ended in a feature called “My Career Change.”

In this installment of “My Career Change,” we interviewed former hockey player, Bryan Allen.

Allen enjoyed a 15-year career as a hockey professional, which he spent between the Vancouver Canucks, Florida Panthers, Carolina Hurricanes, Anaheim Ducks and Montreal Canadiens.

As you will learn in the Q&A below, Allen has transitioned to a career off the ice now that his playing days are over. His transition into Business Management and Financial Services has been successful due to drawing on a number of the traits that made him a success in the NHL.

What sport do you play?


What teams did you play for?

Vancouver Canucks – NHL
Florida Panthers – NHL
Carolina Hurricanes – NHL
Anaheim Ducks – NHL
Montreal Canadiens – NHL

What industry did you change careers to?

Business Management and Financial Services at Squar Milner.

How did you get into your new career?

I’ve always been interested in the financial realm and have worked closely with Grant Skinner at Wellington West Pro Ice Management in Canada for 15 years managing my own portfolio. I learned a lot during those years regarding building, maintaining and growing personal wealth and was interested in transitioning into financial management after retiring from the NHL.

I was introduced to Squar Milner’s financial and accounting firm through the Los Angeles based networking society “Athletes Touch.” It’s an excellent resource for former athletes to utilize in making introductions and pursuing new careers.

Accepting a position with Squar Milner was intriguing to me since the firms are based in Newport Beach and Los Angeles. Since retiring, my family has settled in Southern California so the ability to work, study and build my clientele locally is beneficial. Additionally, Squar Milner’s services and philosophies align with the integrity I expect and appreciate for my own financial representation. It’s an elite firm with longstanding integrity that I’m proud to work for.

What was the biggest challenge you faced making your career change?

Developing the confidence to represent myself in a different occupational capacity takes time. We easily become ingrained into the safety of our comfort zone career wise, but more often than not I’ve discovered the greatest rewards lie outside of that space. I’ve enjoyed the educational growth process, even though it can be challenging at times.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far in your new career?

Being recognized by your accomplished co-workers or commended in a professional capacity is very satisfying.

What advice do you have for athletes making their career change?

Transition can be difficult and confusing. After playing the game for the better part of your life, it’s hard to imagine doing anything else. Trust that opportunities are available for you to seize or develop, but you need to be willing to look for them. Put yourself out there, use networking or social groups to help you find a new niche – mainly keep engaged and active.

Give yourself goals or challenges. The process is harder than you think it will be, you have to understand that nothing will ever fulfill you like playing your sport did, but that is ok. You just need to find something that you enjoy, gets you out of bed and motivated every day. You need to prepare before your career ends, when it ends you need to be patient and open to new opportunities/experiences.

Lastly, reach out to other players that have recently retired, we all go through the same process and there is support.

How can other athletes learn more about your business or your career change?

You can head to the following link to learn more about Bryan joining Squar Milner:

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