My Career Change: Chris Lori’s Career After Olympic Bobsleigh

When a professional athlete’s playing days are over, many do not realize that athlete’s career in another field is often just beginning. As part of VIKTRE’s dedication to drive interaction between athletes and their fans, our Career team made it a priority to show how successful many athletes have been since their playing days ended in a feature called “My Career Change.”

In this installment of “My Career Change,” we interviewed former Canadian Olympic Team Member, Chris Lori. Most know Lori from competing in four Olympic Games, most notably as a member of the Bobsleigh team.

What sport did you play?

Bobsleigh, Track and Field

What teams did you play for?Chris Lori

Track and Field – Canadian Team, Decathlon (3 years)
Bobsleigh – Canadian Team (14yrs)

What industry did you change careers to?

Foreign Exchange Trading

How did you get into your new career?

I always maintained an interest and study in the financial sector. I focused on foreign exchange after retirement.

What was the biggest challenge you faced making your career change?

Securing a challenging occupation that would draw on my skills developed through process in sport. Having the opportunity to apply my unique psychological skills developed through sport in task execution and process thinking.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far in your new career?

Beating PHD’s in a thinking man’s game. Particularly in 2008 during the financial crash.

What advice do you have for athletes making their career change?

Do not undersell or overlook the higher quality skills you have developed in sport.

How can other athletes learn more about your business or your career change?

To gain some understanding of my current occupation they can visit my website at . Maybe read the blogs. There are some videos in the members area, but probably would not appeal to general interest.

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