My Career Change: Kevin Miller’s Career After the NHL

When a professional athlete’s playing days are over, many do not realize that athlete’s career in another field is often just beginning. As part of VIKTRE’s dedication to drive interaction between athletes and their fans, our Career team made it a priority to show how successful many athletes have been since their playing days ended in a feature called “My Career Change.”

In this installment of “My Career Change,” we interviewed former Professional Hockey Player, Kevin Miller. Most know Miller from his collegiate days at Michigan State, and in the NHL with the Rangers, Red Wings, Capitals, Blues, Sharks, Penguins, Blackhawks, Islanders and Senators.

What sport did you play?


What teams did you play for?Miller Career Change

Michigan State
1988 United States Olympic Team
New York Rangers
Detroit Red Wings
Washington Capitals
St. Louis Blues
San Jose Sharks
Pittsburgh Penguins
Chicago Blackhawks
New York Islanders
Ottawa Senators

What industry did you change careers to?

Financial Services

How did you get into your new career?

I studied while playing and became Series 7 licensed. Started to learn business while still playing hockey.

What was the biggest challenge you faced making your career change?

Building up my client base.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far in your new career?

Owning my own business.

What advice do you have for athletes making their career change?

Start early and take advantage of the opportunity to network while you are still playing with real business people.

How can other athletes learn more about your business or your career change?

You can follow Kevin on VIKTRE by going to his profile here. You can also learn more about his financial services on his company website.

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