Career Quick Tip of the Week: Ask for Advice, Not Help!

Welcome to the first VIKTRE Careers “Quick Tip of the Week” video feature. In our first installment of this feature we welcome in one of our Career Service partners, Mark Moyer. Moyer is a career coach who is known best for being able to guide people to answer the question, “How can I have a successful career doing what I love to do?”

Moyer works for Compass Points Advisors, which focuses on placing professionals into careers. For a current or former athlete like yourself, Moyer has plenty of insight into what companies are looking for and how to implement a strategy to get you to the next level.

His latest video titled “Ask for Advice, Not Help” was a perfect selection for our first-ever “Quick Tip of the Week.” Most people are told to not be afraid to ask for help, but in some instances asking for help can leave former athletes vulnerable to those people who are trying to take advantage of them and put them in a wrong situation.

In terms of why you should ask for advice and not help, Moyer noted in his blog post, “…Simple reason, common sense (and the stats back it up) dictates that people strongly prefer to dispense advice than they do to actually help with anything. The word help is often associated with pain and/or hard work, whereas advice implies expertise, and everyone loves showing off their expertise!”

You can view Moyer’s quick tip on asking for advice in the video below. If you want to take a look at some more of his great advice, head over to his blog page here.

Want to get more information on Moyer’s services? Request more information here.

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