Coach Dar Honored by Indiana Fever

Darleen Santore, more commonly known as “Coach Dar,” may be relatively new to the VIKTRE Career Network, but her work and impact has been felt around the sports world for quite some time.

Last week, the Indiana Fever of the WNBA honored Santore by presenting her with the “Inspiring Woman Award” for her amazing contributions as a career/life coach, motivational speaker, consultant, occupational therapist and all-around amazing person. She took part in a special pregame event speaking to the group, and was presented with the award at halftime.

We reached out to Coach Dar for a comment on how she felt about receiving the award and she stated, “I am so honored to receive the Inspiring Woman Award from the The Fever. It means so much to me as a woman because it shows that together we all rise when we lift each other up.”

Dar continued, “The message that I continue to teach is the importance of raising the bar, pushing yourself to grow, and taking everything you do to the next level always reaching for greatness. This applies to whatever you do, whether you are on the court or off the court, at home, on the job, wherever you find yourself. Step out. Up your game. #raisethebar and #levelup.”

We here at the VITKRE Career Network would like to congratulate Coach Dar on receiving the award.

If you have yet to see a Coach Dar video or would like to learn more in regard to who she is and what type of services she offers, check out her website here.

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