Creating Your Own Success

Our friends over at NexGoal recently published an article titled “The Blueprint For Success Is Different For Everyone,” and we wanted to share the message with the VIKTRE Career Network audience. No matter what your career industry, chances are you strive to be successful. What “success” means is different for everyone, so as a result, the path to achieve that success does too.

The key to achieving success is to be patient, positive and understanding of the process, similar to how the Philadelphia 76ers have been “Trusting the Process.” Although the front office decided to build the future of their franchise through the draft and came under fire for “tanking” to get higher picks, the process has proven successful. Although eliminated in the Eastern Conference semifinals, the team won 52 games in the regular season and secured the third seed in the playoffs, far exceeding even NBA analysts’ expectations. The moral of the story – the path to success differs for each person, team, organization, etc. even if it goes against the norm.

One common way that we can achieve our own success is to emulate some tactics that successful people utilize. According to Nicolas Cole of, sometimes being successful is just a matter of willing it into existence. After interviewing hundreds of business professionals of all levels (CEOs, executives, serial entrepreneurs, etc.), he found that there are seven things that successful people tell themselves on a daily basis. Check out the full article here.

“I Will Figure It Out.”

Are you struggling to achieve success? When setting out, do you find yourself planning for failure instead? This could be a major thing holding you back. Successful people instead plan for obstacles. Instead of a straight line, their roadmap has twists and turns along the way. While failure is bound to happen in some instances, view it as a learning experience for a set of skills that you’ll use next time you encounter a similar situation.

“Work Hard To Know What You Don’t Know.”

They say the day you stop learning is the day you stop growing. In the ever-changing world that we live in, continuing to adapt and learn various aspects of your business is how it will stay afloat. According to Cole, there is a misconception that all successful people are egotistical, or “have it all figured out.” But this is hardly the case. According to Brian D. Evans, most CEOs read up to 4-5 books a month. This means that when they aren’t at work, or maybe even when they are, leaders are constantly learning new information. Whether this is directly work-related or not, the information learned can help them lead the company in the best way possible.

“Never Forget Why You Started.”

The most successful people remain true to their roots and remember those who helped them along the way. It would be easy for some to experience success and forget about “the little man,” but does that really equal success? Those who remember where and why they started often remind themselves why they set out to accomplish what they did.

Take TOMS shoes for example. Company Chief Shoe Giver Blake Mycoskie gained inspiration for his company after a trip to Argentina in which he noticed many children running through the streets barefoot. He decided to create a pair of shoes modeled after alpargatas, a simple canvas slip-on that local polo players were wearing. His goal was to donate a pair of shoes to the youth of developing nations for every pair sold. Twelve years later, not only has the company donated to children in 70 countries worldwide, but it has also expanded the same “one for one” mentality to eyewear and coffee.

In order to maintain long-term success, you have to remember why you started in the first place and work almost as hard not to forget it.

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