Introducing Jasmine Sandler

Jasmine Sandler

Who is Jasmine Sandler?

LinkedIn Coaching & Training

Jasmine is an award-winning LinkedIn coach, consultant, trainer and keynote speaker. She has authored several books and created courses on the subjects of LinkedIn selling, branding and marketing. Jasmine has delivered LinkedIn profile enhancement, LinkedIn coaching and LinkedIn sales training to 1000s of executives, sales professionals and job seekers.

Personal Brand Development

Jasmine is a go-to expert in the area of personal brand development promotion. She helps business professionals and executives drive up their career value buy making them thought-leaders and visible experts in their respective industries. She provides personal brand strategy and management for individuals in career transition to ensure their success.

Social Media Consulting

Jasmine founded her social media agency in 2006. She recently created a library of courses and training programs on social branding and selling for organizations around the world. Her social media strategy phone coaching, online courses and live training are for job seekers looking to utilize social media to propel their career growth.

What People Are Saying About Jasmine

“I had the pleasure of attending one of Jasmine Sandler’s seminars. The focus was on LinkedIn marketing. I thought her presentation was very focused on the importance of using this medium as well as informative as to how. Many times today I heard different people exclaim that they didn’t know they could do that.” – Ross Karp, Founder at 3P Insurance Service

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