Employer or Employee: What is Your Career Future?

Have you ever wondered why some people own a business and others just work for one? Maybe you have thought about owning a business of your own for some time, but you are not sure if it is the right step to take.

The Employer Personality

What kind of an individual is cut out to be an EMPLOYER? Usually it is someone who sees an opportunity and has the commitment and courage to go for what he/she wants. That opportunity may come with obstacles, but the employer will see around the obstacles to his/her goal. He knows there will be challenges and even welcomes them. Why? Because he or she loves a challenge and knows that the difficulties in life separate the doers from the dreamers; the EMPLOYERS from the EMPLOYEES.

An employer is not someone who shies away from hard work. He is willing to put in whatever time is necessary to create his ideal opportunity. But the hard work always has a carrot dangling at the end in the form of success. With this success comes financial security and personal flexibility. An employer understands that over time, as he/she becomes more comfortable with employees assuming more of the daily operations, he/she will be able to step away from the business to some degree while having a valuable asset working for him/her.

Someone cut out to be an employer has envisioned the end results from the beginning and worked tirelessly toward establishing that result. Challenges are met, problems are smoothed over and eventually the employees provide the employer with a nice and comfortable living.

Finally, someone with an EMPLOYER personality has passion. He/she will put his/her heart into a project and truly believes not only in what he/she is doing but also in his/her ability to obtain the desired results.

The Employee Personality

What kind of an individual is the EMPLOYEE? An employee is usually not comfortable with risks and sees challenges not as opportunities, but as insurmountable obstacles. He/she has thought about business ownership but lacks the desire to step outside of his/her comfort zone. Comfort is foremost on his/her list of desirable job qualities and he/she would find working long hours while establishing a business distasteful.

The employee maintains status quo and wonders why he/she is not getting ahead. He/she punches the time card every day while the employer makes money from his/her efforts. He/she imagines to take the step to business ownership if only the right opportunity came along and wonders why the stars have never been perfectly aligned for to realize the dream. He/she doesn’t understand that the stars don’t align themselves and have never been perfectly aligned for anyone, including his employer.

Which Are You?

What about you? Where do you fit? Are you content to let life happen around you or do you want to be the person making things happen? Business owners see beyond the barriers of entry into business and focus on the carrot dangling at the end of the stick. Employees dwell on the barriers.

If you are ready to make a transition from employee to employer, becoming a franchisee is a great vehicle. The franchisor provides the business model and the training, the brand and the operating system. You provide some capital and a lot of hard work and your passion. If being a business owner is your dream, believe in yourself and go for it!

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