Five Articles From The Past Year You Might’ve Missed

In 11 short days, 2017 will be in the rearview mirror and it will be full steam ahead towards 2018. As we wind down the current year, the VIKTRE Career Network content team wanted to highlught a few articles that might have flown under your radar.

The topics of these articles range from social media success to tips for athletes transitioning to a life and career after sports. Either way, these articles will help both athletes and non-athletes alike as they progress through a career.

Check out these five articles below:

“Shortcuts To Social Media Success For Athletes”

Social media has allowed unprecedented access for fans to connect with their favorite athletes and entertainers around the world. Athletes should take advantage of the opportunity at their fingertips and use their platform to increase their brand and even put some more money in their pockets! In this article, we look at five social media secrets from Dan Porter, the CEO of Overtime, and how athletes can use them for success.

“6 Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt to Help Your Job Search”

Self-doubt is something that can affect all of us at different times in our lives. The job search is an especially trying time, especially for former athletes looking for the next step in his or her career. As an athlete, doubting yourself had a negative effect on your performance. When looking for a job, doubting your skills and experience is also a problem. VIKTRE Influencer Malcolm Lemmons has six ways for job seekers to overcome this self-doubt and help your job search.

“3 Ways Athletes Can Get Ready For Their Career After Sports”

In an article by another one of our great VIKTRE Influencers, Shannon Carlisle, she provides some insight on how athletes can transition to a life after sports. This is often times a very difficult period in an athlete’s life, but by taking the time to inventory your skill set, goals and identity, former athletes can set themselves up for a successful transition. A key component of this time is figuring out what you are passionate about outside of sports. These three things athletes can do either as their playing career comes to a close, or even while still playing, to get “career ready.”

“Five Tips To Make Your Career Transition Easier”

A common misconception surrounding professional athletes is that they are all multi-millionaires. While there are a number of athletes who, upon retirement, will never have to work again if they’ve managed their money wisely, there are even more athletes who must find a second career in sports retirement. Given the average length of a professional athlete’s career (a mere 4.85 years for the “Big 4” sports), they enter retirement at a relatively young age compared to the rest of the work force. With these five tips, the transition to life after sports can be made easier.

“The Six ‘Ups’ to Success in Your Career After Sports”

We throw it all the way back to January of this year for a piece by GFV Campus to Careers. After many years of observing successful athletes and business executives, he developed a guide titled the “Ups Process,” as a framework for both athletes and business executives alike. These six steps will help you achieve success in a life after sports.

Wrap Up

After really ramping up our content game in 2017, it is easy to miss some great articles in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. These five articles are great resources for both athletes and non-athletes alike and can help job seekers get over the hump. Next week, we’ll do a countdown of our most popular articles of the year that was!

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