Follow These Tips to Be Successful

One thing we all have in common, regardless of our career path, is the desire to be successful. Success is a term thrown around frequently, but how do we actually get there? While the path to success varies from person to person, just as the definition of success, there are a few things you can do if you strive to be successful in your career.

In an article for, author Timothy Sykes provides some of his own tips for you to achieve success in your career, whatever that may be. You can read the full article here.

Be Willing to Work Hard

Although it seems like a no-brainer, if you work hard your success will follow. Some people may prefer to work hard when looking for a job or first starting one, but then end up coasting once they get comfortable. This is a common trap that people fall victim to when trying to progress in their career.

If you truly want to be successful you must learn how to get comfortable being uncomfortable. If you’re not willing to do what it takes to be successful and create your own success, the odds of you being successful are slim. According to leadership expert Robin Sharma, “If you want to have the results only five percent have, you must be willing to do and think like only five percent do and think.”

Set Goals

How do you measure your success? One of the best ways to do so is by setting goals and meeting them. These goals vary for everyone, but the key is to make them SMART. Not only does goal setting help give you an end goal, but it also provides a source of motivation. Do you want to be a CEO by age 40? If you set this goal, you will be able to create a game plan of how to get there.

Get a Mentor

Mentorship is a hot topic in today’s society. If you’re looking for some help in your career, from someone who has been in your shoes once, consider finding a mentor. Not only can a mentor help you get through difficult situations or offer up some advice, he or she can introduce you to their network and open doors to future opportunities.

If you have a mentor but aren’t sure how to leverage your relationship with him or her, here are some questions you should ask during your next meeting!

Surround Yourself with Successful People

When you spend time with similar, like-minded people you can embody their best qualities and be on your way to success. On the other end of the spectrum, if you hang out with people who sit around all day without any motivation to better themselves, you start to embody these qualities as well.

As Sykes mentions, “We are the sum of the people we spend time with.” If you’ve felt like you need a change of scenery or to switch up your friend group, it is important to remember this phrase. Similar to getting comfortable being uncomfortable, you can test the limits of your comfort zone by meeting new people. Going to networking events is a great way to meet like-minded individuals in your industry or similar career paths. Plus, you’ll never know who you meet at these events who will introduce you to new opportunities to advance your career.

To read the rest of Sykes’ tips for career success, check out his full article on Forbes here.

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