Franchising 101: Putting Your Passion in Perspective

When considering buying into a franchising system, the best way to maximize your opportunities and your chance for success is to keep a truly open mind. From time to time, people tell me they will only consider businesses that provide a product or service they are “passionate” about. I frequently hear, “I have to love what I do every day.”

While it is never bad to want to pursue something you are passionate about, I often challenge former athletes like myself to consider all options before deciding purely based on this requirement.Franchising Passion

Recently, I came across an article (click the link to read the PDF) that may help you look at this issue in a slightly different way. The takeaway is that many people ultimately discover their passion is for “owning and operating a business,” and not the actual product or service the business provides.

Looking only at particular types of businesses you are passionate about can become a distraction, and even a roadblock. You will love what you do every day if you select a franchise that has the business characteristics you have identified as important to you, and that enable you to achieve your goals.

There were also three other key points (and more) you should take the time to read from the article if you are considering getting into franchising:

  • “You’ve done your due diligence and know what you are getting into.”
  • “You can afford the expense required to buy the franchise.”
  • “You will have help and guidance.”

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