Franchising Success Test: Do You Have What it Takes?

Many athletes find success in franchising, discovering the qualities that serve them in sports translate well in the business arena. Tenacity, drive, vision, focus and a team orientation are obvious characteristics that contribute to top performance in business as well as on the playing field. But if you are considering a career in franchising, you need to ask yourself the big question — what other qualities should you possess if you’re interested in owning a franchise?

Here is a quick assessment to help gauge if you have what it takes to succeed as a franchisee. Rate yourself on each of the characteristics below.

On a scale of 1 to 5 (where 1 means “this describes me perfectly” and 5 means “this is not me at all”), how well do you match each description? Print this page out and take the test!

No. 1: Goal Oriented

Do you have clear, specific and well-defined ideas of goals you’d like to accomplish? Do you frequently envision the way you will achieve them? Have you mapped out a process to get yourself to the finish line?

Score yourself: _____

No. 2: Decisive

When faced with a decision to make, are you efficient at gathering the information you need and acting in a timely matter? Do you avoid procrastinating? Are you skilled at moving forward once you’ve made a decision?

Score yourself: _____

No.3: Leadership

Do you feel comfortable accepting the responsibility that comes with making decisions on behalf of others and dealing with the consequences of those decisions? Do you tend to take charge in group settings? Do others seem to follow your lead?

Score yourself: _____

No.4: Honesty

Integrity is a must in a franchise relationship. Your relationships with employees, vendors and the franchisor will depend on it. Are your personal values and morals areas of strength? Do you value ethical behavior?

Score yourself: _____

No. 5: A moderate risk-taker

Franchisors are not looking for reckless daredevils, nor do they want to work with people whose fears prevent them from taking any risks at all. How well do you tolerate risk? Do you gather information and attempt to minimize a risk before proceeding?

Score yourself: _____

No. 6: Coachable

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Franchise owners, by definition, execute a proven system. Are you comfortable adhering to an established way of conducting business and giving up some degree of control, in order to benefit from a company’s proven track record?

Score yourself: _____

Get out the calculator

Add up your ratings to determine your score. If your score is less than 15, it’s likely you possess the skills that will make you successful as a franchise owner. If you scored more than 20, franchising may not be right for you and you may want to explore other opportunities.

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