Group Fitness: How to Score The Next Win

If you haven’t heard of boutique fitness giant Orange Theory Fitness (OTF), you’re likely in the minority. Started in 2010, OTF opened over 400 studios in its first six years and has awarded more than 1,000 franchise licenses to date. In two short years, since 2015, its revenue has grown by more than 300 percent. If you’re interested in owning a group fitness franchise, you’ve unfortunately missed the boat – most major metro areas and high-quality suburban territories have been snatched up.

However, opportunity still abounds within the boutique fitness category. It is hard to imagine based on the aforementioned statistics, but there’s a newer concept poised to eclipse OTF’s ongoing success. Even better, it is backed by one of the largest and most-well known franchise development groups in the country.

There is still time to get in on the ground floor and seize a prime territory for this hot new concept. Additionally, there are several other concepts in the group fitness space that are positioned for tremendous growth.

Current and former professional athletes are a natural fit for this industry. If this type of opportunity interests you, be sure to check it out. A professional franchise consultant is a great resource and can provide you with more information and insight.

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