How to Become the Next All-Star at Work

Each year around this time, the baseball world focuses on the All-Star Game. Aptly dubbed the “Midsummer Classic,” fans and players from all of Major League Baseball’s 30 teams gather to celebrate the game and the brightest stars of the sport. However, being an All-Star isn’t reserved to those playing at their game’s highest level and it certainly doesn’t guarantee that you will be back in that same position next year; the most successful All-Stars are the ones that work the hardest to be back each and every year.

Whether you’re a former athlete transitioning into life after sports, or simply looking to be the best employee you can, there are a few ways that you can make sure you remain an All-Star employee day in and day out.

Be Your Authentic Self

Everyone wants to make a good impression at work. For early career professionals, it is easy to get caught up in trying to please everyone thinking that is the way to make the best impression and show how great of a worker you are. However, this could actually be detrimental to your career development and lead to career burn out.

In trying to please everyone, at work and in your personal life, you may lose sight of what makes you happy and what you value. In order to succeed at work and perform at the highest level, it is important to remain true to yourself. If you don’t know who you are, chances are your colleagues and bosses won’t get to know you either.

Likability = Success

Even if you are the best worker, if you are not well liked in the office, your growth potential will be stunted. No one wants to work with someone that is difficult to get along with for no reason, regardless of his or her output. Chances are there are people who may not work as hard but may be more likable or sociable and therefore get considered for promotions. It may seem like workplace politics, but the reality is that your success at work has less to do with your work and more to do with being someone that others enjoy being around and working with.

That said, even the most likable person won’t go far if he or she is a terrible worker. Find that sweet spot and live there.

Be Solution-Oriented

Problems are almost guaranteed to arise regardless of what job you’re in. The best employees recognize these problems and proactively come up with solutions to solve them before they occur in the future. Brainstorm a solution on your own, then present it to your boss rather than always complaining about the problems you encounter.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Going back to wanting to make a good impression, it is common for employees to take on more work than they can possibly complete in a reasonable time frame. Instead of overloading your plate, ask for details and manage the expectations of those requesting work from you. Saying you will have a project done on a certain day, but not meeting that deadline is essentially a one-way ticket to ensure that your manager may question your ability.


The way around this is to remain accountable for your actions and follow up on your commitments. This shows that your supervisors can rely on you to get the job done.

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