How To Leverage Your Athletic Skillset On LinkedIn To Get The Salary You Deserve

The transition from being a professional athlete to an employee in a business capacity can be brutally challenging. However, as a former pro athlete you have all the skills that can transfer to what the corporate sales industry is in dire need of: hard-working, disciplined, goal-oriented, and proactive people.

I have been coaching and training executives and sales professionals in transition to new careers on using LinkedIn specifically to hit their career goals successfully for well over 10 years. In that time, I have determined that the secret to using LinkedIn for career development and advancement is to first build a unique and powerful LinkedIn brand that meets the interests and needs of hiring directors.

As a former NHL employee and an active amateur hockey player for the last 15 years, I know the difference between a successful pro and one who is just not winning the “game.”

To build your own LinkedIn personal brand and ensure your profile is visible you need to review and rank your top five to 10 skills that can be leveraged to get that high paying job and desired career. The skills it takes to really make it in the corporate sales world and can be shown to any employer hungry for good talent include:


In sales and in sports, if you are not goal-oriented, you have a higher chance of missing the mark. If you can show an employer that you are a goal-setter and a goal achiever, you will quickly rise above the rest of the LinkedIn job-seeking audience.

Management or Leadership Skills

If you have ever been named a captain or assistant captain of any team, you have earned the right to share that award with corporate employers. Companies today, especially funded start-ups and fast-moving technology companies, absolutely need leaders and those with a proven track record. Show them what you have done and how you have led. This is a clear differentiator for any job seeker on LinkedIn.


My most successful employees in my social media agency are very hard working. They show initiative at every-level – from practicing their craft until it is perfect to tackling and learning new things to get even better at their jobs. The same holds true for any pro athlete. We all know the stories of Michael Jordan, Floyd Mayweather, Mia Hamm, Michael Phelps, and so on. All these athletes have shown through consistent and hard practice, you can succeed.


In a world of competition from sports to business, it is crucial to be determined to succeed in whichever area you choose. On LinkedIn, there are over 550 million people looking for jobs and clients. If you are not determined to win every day, someone out there is and will take your place. Determination in sports is about giving every ounce of energy to win even when there is no energy left. Being determined to succeed in business and in your career means defining where you want to succeed, having a plan and reaching and engaging on it until that plan is fulfilled.

The aforementioned are just some of the skills you can leverage on LinkedIn. Think about how you will convey these based on your own personal career experience. Wondering how you can make that work on your own LinkedIn profile? First, define who you want to be in your career. What are your top 10 skills? What is the title you want? the company you want to work for? What is your salary range? What type of person hires you?

Then you need to build out your profile to support and substantiate the experience you have and explain how it relates to those skills. You need to clearly define your market position, which can be done through your LinkedIn headline. You also need to have solid imagery, videos and examples of your work that will drive impact the hiring director viewing your profile.

In my LinkedIn sales book, Branding and Sales The LinkedIn Way, I call this your “Powerful LinkedIn Personal Brand”. Here is a checklist you will need on your own profile to be considered a real brand:

o Clearly defined market position
o Custom header
o Proper current professional head shot
o Completed LinkedIn profile (All-Star level)
o Professionally written summary
o Completed , up-to-date experience blocks
o Proper recommendations
o Skills ranked and listed
o Daily short post updates of audience value
o Weekly or monthly long LinkedIn articles of audience value

On my website, I offer LinkedIn phone coachingLinkedIn Profile Enhancement and OptimizationLinkedIn Sales DIY CoursesCorporate LinkedIn Sales Group Training as well as LinkedIn Sales Books and Action Plans that go much deeper in detail in this area. If you are serious about using LinkedIn to win at your career, take advantage of any of my proven LinkedIn Sales offerings.

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