How to Take Control of Your Next Interview

Job interviews are a tricky thing to navigate. While it is important to remember that you are interviewing the company just as much as they are interviewing you, it is hard to feel like you have much power in the scenario.

To take some of your control back during your next interview, there are some things you can do. Back in November, we highlighted some things that job seekers could say during an interview to stand out to hiring managers. However, in your next interview, there is a phrase you should use if you want to shift the power back in your favor, according to Forbes contributor Chris Westfall – I’ve thought this through.

This phrase can help you navigate even the toughest interviews. Westfall mentions that the phrase can be used throughout every stage of the interview process: before beginning the journey, during the interview and when you complete a story.

Before Beginning the Journey

When beginning your job search, this phrase can help you figure out what industries interest you, the companies you want to apply to, and ultimately guide your research into specific companies and individuals. This will be a helpful way to get a look into the company and determine whether or not it will fit your personality. When interviewing, your research will show that you have thought this process through.

During the Interview

Regardless of the interview, you are almost guaranteed to get asked the question, “so, tell me about yourself.” While this is the time to pitch yourself as the ideal candidate, your answer should go beyond the information on your resume. This is a time to show your critical thinking skills and how you handle uncomfortable situations. This is when you should show that you can see the big picture, but also narrow it down. Having a handle on things will help you show your critical thinking skills, which are valuable to employers in all industries.

Completing the Story

Find a way to relate to the person interviewing you. In conducting your research on who you are speaking with, you can figure out a way to tell a story connecting his or her experience or interests. This will show that you have thought this through and are able to show how your experience will fit with his or hers. In completing your story, you are able to prove that you are the right candidate and the right time for the opportunity.

Before your next interview, ask yourself if you have thought “this” through at every step of the process. If yes, you will be able to show future employers that you’re the right candidate. Additionally, this is how you can regain some control in this process.

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