Job Seeking In Today’s Job Market

As of last month (July 2018), the unemployment rate in the United States is at a record-low. According to many economists, the country is now at or nearing “full employment.” This term can be sort of deceiving in that most people would assume that everybody of working age and ability has a job. However, that is not the case. This means that unemployment has fallen to the lowest possible level that won’t cause inflation. With unemployment at an all-time low of 3.9 percent, the job market actually favors job seekers.

According to Melanie Haniph and our friends over at TopResume, “low unemployment and an increase in available jobs has created a market that favors job seekers.” While the market may favor job seekers, it is more competitive than ever to find a new opportunity. In order to stand out you must change your job seeking strategies.

There are four things job seekers can do to make the most of this job seeker-friendly market:

Apply For “Reach” Jobs

Although the unemployment rate is at an all-time low, the number of available jobs is at an all-time high. This gives job seekers an advantage when seeking new opportunities. According to Haniph, this is the time to apply to jobs that may be a stretch for you regarding qualifications and experience because employers are more likely to take a chance on you since they have a number of openings to fill.

Don’t Settle

Because there are so many jobs available you do not have to accept the first opportunity you are offered. Instead, you have the ability to weigh your options and make an informed decision that is best for both your personal and professional development as well as career growth. You can set the bar high for your next opportunity and negotiate the best possible offer. Unless your current work situation is terrible, you should not settle when looking for new opportunities.

Continue Building Your Network

Networking does not stop when you get a job. It is one thing that remains constant throughout your entire career. You can rely on a network when seeking advice, looking for recommendations at a certain company, and gaining information. After all, it truly comes down to who you know, more than what you know.

Once you find a new opportunity, you should not leave your network hanging. Think of your network as a plant that constantly needs watering. Without constant care and checking in, the plant will die, or your network will dry up. You don’t want your connections to view you as someone who only reaches out when you need something. Even when you have a job you should continually network, as you never know you might meet.

Think About A Career Reinvention

Considering that there are more jobs available, if you’ve been thinking about making a career change now might be the ideal time. Many industries are expanding so companies are constantly adding jobs in order to keep up with the growth. In the month of July alone, total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 157,000 jobs.

This shows that employers will be aggressive in their hiring which means now is the time to make a change if that is what you’ve been considering. If you think it might be too late to make a change, check out this article to put your mind at ease.

There is no time like the present so if you are thinking about the next step in your career or simply looking to start a career, now is the time to do so! Especially given that the job market is in your favor.

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