Need A Side Hustle and Creative Outlet? Start A Podcast

Recently, our friend and VIKTRE Influencer Malcolm Lemmons published an article on LinkedIn titled “Podcasting Is The Future And Every Athlete Can Easily Use It To Build Their Personal Brand” and it got us thinking about the rise in popularity of podcasts. These days there seems to be a podcast about any topic you can think of from sports to pop culture and everything in between.

A few years ago, if you were looking for a creative outlet you could start a blog, and people still do this. However, in the past couple years, podcasting has become an extremely popular and ever-growing form of media. Here are some numbers to back up these claims:

  • In March 2018, Apple Podcasts passed 50 billion all-time episode downloads and streams, according to FastCompany.
  • Forty-four percent of the US population has listened to a podcast.
  • According to Apple at WWDC 2018 in early June, there are over 550,000 current podcast shows.

If you’re looking for a new creative outlet or a side hustle, a podcast has become a viable option. As Lemmons mentions, influencers and entrepreneurs such as John Dumas and Lewis Howes have generated millions of dollars and worldwide fans thanks to their podcasts, and they’re not alone. If you want to join the likes of these entrepreneurs and our own VIKTRE Influencer Malcom Lemmons (Players Point Podcast) and Career Services partner Mark Moyer (Make Your Mark) in the podcast game check out these tips!

Find Your Idea

Regardless of where your interests lie, you can find an idea for a podcast. The range of podcasts is incredible. There are shows that recap what happened on the latest episode of The Bachelorette to the day’s events. Do you want to talk about your career and interview likeminded individuals in your industry? Go for it. Maybe you want to talk about the latest sports sponsorship activation and the effect it will have on future sponsorship ideas – also a great idea.

Whatever you decide to podcast about, the Muse’s Daniel Zana recommends to “find something that has legs. Try to figure out something that will get you excited and will continue to motivate you and keep you interested week after week.” Once you have your idea, you must figure out what the goal of the podcast will be. Are you trying to make money? Just looking for a creative outlet? These goals can change throughout the life of the podcast, but by having goals it is easier to figure out your approach.

Make A Plan

Podcasts aren’t exactly something you can roll out of bed and do. You must plan accordingly and do your research.

In order to podcast, you’re going to need some essential equipment including: a microphone(s), headphones, a recorder, a mixer, a live-streaming interface and an audio processor. These require money in order to purchase and figuring out the set up. Once you’ve got all the necessary equipment, you should plan out what you’re going to talk about on each episode. You can write a complete script or even just use a “run-sheet.”

Prepare For The Long-Term

It may be tempting to start a podcast as something to fill your time while looking for something else, more permanent. That is not a good way to go about doing things. Ideally, in order to build an audience and build the brand of your podcast, you want to be doing it long-term. A lot of this comes down to scheduling and outlining topics and lining up guests ahead of time. There is more that goes into podcasting that meets the eye. Editing, producing, and promoting are things that go on behind the scenes that need to be considered.

Figure Out How You’ll Balance Your Job, Your Podcast, and Your Life

If you’re trying to start a podcast as a side hustle while balancing your 9-5 job, you must consider your time management skills. You might be tired after a full day of work and balancing your life responsibilities, but if you’re serious about creating this podcast you have to find the time necessary to devote to it.

Grow Your Audience

If you don’t care whether or not people listen to your podcast, what is the point of creating it? Effectively marketing your series is a job in and of itself. Many popular podcasts have a social media presence, website, newsletters and maybe partner brands. Any way you can spread the word about your podcast is a marketing effort.

To understand if your marketing efforts are working, you can use analytics and listener feedback. In doing this, you can understand how people are liking your podcast and learn how to adjust to listener expectations in order to keep them interested.

Although the numbers suggest that being a “podcaster” is easy, that is not the case, especially if you’re doing it on the side. Similar to the job search, standing out in the podcast game is very difficult. By considering these five tips by Alyse Kalish, you can take the thought and make it a reality. After all, the hardest part is usually getting started.

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