Reduce Your Stress At Work With These Tips

Regardless of your job, there are different stressors we encounter on a daily basis. Although we might ignore them or brush them to the side thinking it is part of the day-to-day, figuring out how you can reduce your stress at work will do wonders for your mental and physical health.

These days it is difficult for us to separate from our work. Thanks to our constant connectivity it becomes hard to leave work at work and enjoy your personal life. A “work-life balance” may seem like a buzzword, but establishing boundaries is important. Stress and burnout have become actual issues in workplaces everywhere, so limiting that stress can make a huge difference.

In an article for Forbes, Natalia Peart highlights five things you can incorporate into your daily life to reduce stress. Read the full article here.

Manage Your Time

As mentioned, we are constantly connected to our work thanks to technology. Because of this, you may find yourself working after hours at home to catch up on emails, or even get a head start on tomorrow. Figuring out how to best manage your time will help reduce stress and even increase your productivity.

When first starting your career, or even a new job, it is common to make yourself available 24/7, but this will most definitely stress you out. You will probably find yourself checking and responding to emails at all hours of the day, which in and of itself is stressful. Instead of doing this, Peart recommends creating blocks of time to check and respond to your emails and others to disconnect. In doing so, you can manage your time more effectively and reduce stress.

Manage Your Attention

Many think that multitasking is a skill that makes you more marketable to employers. However, studies show that diverting your attention not only makes you less productive, but it may also increase chances of burnout. Taking on too many tasks can actually improve your stress.

Instead of multitasking, you can try implementing a 90-120-minute cycle before shifting gears to a different task.

Manage Your Environment

Did you ever consider that your work environment may be contributing to your stress levels? Many office environments these days use an open work environment that encourages cooperation and camaraderie. However, this environment can also increase stress while decreasing productivity due to the noise level and even the temptation to talk to your colleagues instead of doing work.

To put on your blinders, per se, consider using headphones while at your desk. They don’t necessarily need to be playing music or a podcast, but usually if a coworker has headphones on, he or she will not engage in conversation, allowing you to do work.

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