The Serial Entrepreneurs Guide to Setting Up a Startup

Inspirer’s Mike Stemple is notorious for creating companies seemingly overnight. In this course, Mike covers the steps necessary for entrepreneurs to quickly setup a solid infrastructure foundation for your new startup. In this course Mike gives away his zip file, that when expanded, creates a complete company file directory.

Here are some of the questions covered:

• What hardware, software, and browser plugins does a successful entrepreneur use and why?
• How does a successful entrepreneur find ideas, filter them and save them for future use?
• How does a successful entrepreneur setup his/her file structure for optimal performance?
• How does a successful entrepreneur setup his/her email, calendar, notes, and reminders for success?
• How do you pick a good web host, and setup the foundation of your corporate website?
• How do you effectively communicate with your team?
• Do you need a cofounder?
• What are some common pitfalls with cofounder?
• Is a team necessary to launch a company?
• What does a new Founder need to know about the law to launch a successful startup?
• How do you pick a law firm to work with? What is the process of setting up a company?
• How much do you need to know about the law?
• What agreements do you need to run a company?
• What are common legal mistakes?
• How do you handle intellectual property, including confidentiality, copyrights, trademarks and patents?
• How much does the law actually matter?
• What about offices and co-working spaces?

Here are some of the topics covered:

• 101 Questions a Professional Entrepreneur Must Be Able To Answer
• The Startup Checklist – How to quick start your startup and look professional.
• Device, Software, & Browser Setup
• My Research Process & Setup
• File Structure Setup
• Google Apps Setup
• Email, Calendar, Reminders, Notes Setup
• Website Setup
• Phone Number & Team Communications
• Founders & Team
• Legal Overview
• Offices, Co-Working, Mailing Address

33 Lessons & 4 Downloads
Total: 4h 11m 41s | Min: 2m 55s | Max: 29m 52s | Avg: 7m 25s


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