Step Out of Your Comfort Zone for Your Next Career

Whether you are an athlete transitioning to your first career after sports or a long-time professional making an industry change, having the ability to step out of your comfort zone is important to your growth as a person and professional.

In one of her “Motivational Monday” videos, Coach Dar discussed why it is important to be able to step out of your comfort zone as you Raise the Bar in your career.

After you watch this video, you need to ask yourself three simple questions:

No. 1: What about switching careers scares me the most?

For people who need to step out of their comfort zone, it all comes down to fear. Fear of the unknown is one of the biggest driving factors that holds people back when it comes to stepping out of their comfort zone. Is the reason you are scared of switching careers because you are comfortable with what you are doing? Do you not know if you will have success in another career? These are the common questions that go through a person’s head when looking to step out of their comfort zone into a new career.

No. 2: How can I challenge myself to overcome the fear of switching careers?

Once you have identified why you are scared to step out of your comfort zone, you need to identify how to challenge yourself to overcome your fear.

If you are a former athlete, think back to what drove you on the field. Beating your opponent, being the best, earning a paycheck, supporting your family and many other reasons were likely the driving factors. Now ask yourself, how can you apply those factors to switching to a new career after sports? Can you set goals off the field like you did on it?

For non-athlete professionals switching careers, it all comes down to the “why.” Why is it that you are switching careers? Are you looking to be challenged more? Have you met your growth cap in your career? What will actually make you happy (aside from more money) when it comes to going to work every single day?

No. 3: What level of happiness will I achieve by stepping out of my comfort zone?

We just touched on it in the last section, but realizing happiness potential can go a long way in helping you step out of your comfort zone and into a new career. Maybe it is a new environment or reigniting the career fire that drove you for the first time years ago. Maybe it is getting off your couch to feel important again on a daily basis.

Whatever the reasoning for your potential happiness, remind yourself of it as you decide to head down this journey toward stepping out of your comfort zone. Coach Dar reminded us in her video above that we need to step out of our comfort zone to find happiness in our lives, and that directly relates to your career as well.

If you have any questions for Coach Dar, please feel free to head over to her website and submit it to her through one of the methods outlined on her “Ask Coach Dar” page. Also, don’t forget to mention you are from VIKTRE, this way she knows to include you in her next post on our website!

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