The Grizzly Experience: Mark Matheson’s Career Transition

Making the leap from athlete to business or any other career after sports is not easy for many athletes. This is one reason our friends at Higher Landing have made it their duty to offer a cutting-edge program delivered by a multi-faceted team of professionals who provide complete career transformation.

In this video titled “The Grizzly Experience,” Higher Landing gives you a look into their “den” with former hockey player, Mark Matheson. Matheson was looking to make a transition after hockey, and the team at Higher Landing showed him the way.  Higher Landing provides a step-by-step approach which includes:

  • Deep Personal Assessment
  • Player Branding
  • Taking Players to Market, Directly Promoting them to Organizations

The Grizzly Experience. from Higher Landing on Vimeo.

To learn more about Higher Landing and how they help athletes transition to a career after sports, click here.

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