Turn Your Athletic Advantage Into Business Success With Mark Moyer

Most retired athletes with whom I have spoken lack the confidence needed to get a job offer they truly want. Given the sky-high level of confidence shown when playing their sport, this is absolutely amazing!

I often hear comments like “I’m just a jock, I don’t have anything a company would want” or “There is no way I can compete with all those suit-wearing professionals out there!”

For those of you who have thought or said something similar, I have great news for you…You truly can leverage your athletic success as a great advantage when job seeking!

Whether you’ve competed professionally, played on a college or high school team, been an Olympian or Paralympian, or are serious about sports and a weekend warrior like myself, your athletic background has made you a top-of-the-list candidate for a large variety of exciting jobs. Further, your mindset, training and previous athletic accomplishments will be what separates you from others and sets you up for your next brilliant career.

Although you will be leaving or have already left the field, court, rink or arena in your rear-view mirror, and are trying to find your place in an unfamiliar territory (the business world), the good news is that you are not alone. You are sharing the same concerns as other unhappy employees, career changers and recent grads.

And more good news: You have honed your skills at facing challenges, performing under pressure, facing crowds and media, among numerous other skills from all those years of competition, putting you ahead of other applicants.

My new book, Win Again!: Turn Athletic Excellence into Business Success, gives you the best kind of home-court advantage: someone who has the knowledge and the experience to help you make a successful transition out of sports and into the business world pulling for you. I have spent my career helping executives find their ideal jobs and after coaching several retired athletes, hearing their stories, and getting a shove from all of them, it made perfect sense to write this book.

What you will find in WIN AGAIN is an easy to learn step-by-step playbook for finding and landing your ideal job. You will learn how to combine the skills you already have with techniques I’ve developed over 25 years of executive recruiting and coaching. You will also easily develop a powerful network you can leverage throughout your entire working life, and I’ll describe the best way to create and promote your “brand.”

Even better, I will show you powerful techniques for turning strangers into allies; strategies for connecting with influencers; and a proven process for getting contacts to recommend you to the hiring manager of the position you want the most. You’ll become a world-class networker and a first-string interviewer–the kind of candidate decision-makers recognize as exactly what they need.

Go to my website, www.markmoyer.com to check out my one on one coaching programs, to read what other retired athletes have said about WIN AGAIN and how my coaching helped transform their lives and careers.

Mark Moyer combines 25 years’ experience in career coaching and recruiting with a love of sports to serve athletes transitioning into the business world. His experience allows him to think like a hiring manager while developing his clients’ job-hunting strategies. A frequent speaker and panelist at both universities and career seminars, he remains an active member of Colgate University’s alumni community. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and three children.

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