Unexpected Ways to Achieve Success

Success is a funny thing. We all want it, we all pursue it, yet it means something different to everyone. Not only does our perception of success differ from our friends and family, but how we get there also looks completely different.

Similar to our career development, there comes a time when you must take the next step in the journey to success. This is often the form of a job change. Other times, however, you can shake up your career by the decisions you make. If you’re looking for a change, consider these three unexpected ways that you can find your success.

The Power of Positivity

It has often been said that “your vibe attracts your tribe,” meaning that the attitude you give off will attract people with similar attitudes. If you’re always negative, the people around you likely will be as well. Not only will those in your social circle be negative, but studies have shown that employees with a negative mindset are more likely to be unproductive at work.

When you’re unproductive at work, your boss will take notice, but not in the way that you would like. Every boss wants an employee that shows his or her worth, not one that always focuses on the negatives surrounding his or her job. Not only does the negativity cause others to be negative, but it can be detrimental on the individual’s mental health.

Carry Yourself Confidently

Posture doesn’t really have any effect on your work performance, but the way you carry yourself speaks volumes. If you carry yourself confidently, others will take notice. It also gives off a better impression than avoiding eye contact and slouching. Additionally, if you act confident in your work, your performance will likely follow suit.

Confidence is an important contributor to differences in performance. When you’re confident, your boss is more likely to have confidence in your ability. If you portray a lack of confidence, it will be hard for others around you to think any differently. Research shows that when people are put in situations with imminent failure, they meet those expectations. When put in positive situations, their performance improves. When you’re confident, you do better work.

Don’t Move Up Too Soon

Not every job you have throughout your career will be glamorous. Even these jobs or opportunities that seem insignificant at the time will influence your career. These experiences are critical in that you have the opportunity to learn different skills and gain knowledge to establish a base for the rest of your career.

While it may be tempting to take on a new role with an increased title early on, it is important to “pay your dues” and earn your way up the leadership hierarchy when you’re truly prepared.

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