VIKTRE is Ready to Raise Your Career Bar with Coach Dar

How do you reach your full career potential?

This is a question many wonder each and every day of their working careers, yet so few people truly know the answer. Many will bounce from job to job searching for the answer, while others will read articles online, watch inspirational videos or attend self-growth webinars in search of that “missing ingredient” to suddenly elevate themselves to the next level.

One of the reasons the VIKTRE Career Network was created was to help people do just that. Whether you are a former athlete seeking advice and help with your transition to a career after sports or a fan of the athletes on the VIKTRE platform, our goal is to provide resources and motivation to take that next step.

Many of you have likely read some of the fantastic Career Services resources, VIKTRE Influencers articles or My Career Change features on our site, but the addition of our newest “Coach” is so exciting, we decided to take the time to write a whole article to tell you a little bit about her.

Darleen Santore—more commonly known as “Coach Dar” in the world outside of VIKTRE—has decided to partner up with our team to bring her strength, words of wisdom, amazing story and unbelievable energy when it comes to career and life coaching to all of you. Through blog posts and video features, you will feel exactly what I did when speaking with her the first time—Coach Dar is a genuine, caring person looking to help individuals take the next step in their careers and life.

Her story is a remarkable one, which you will learn more and more about as her articles and videos are rolled out on our website. But to give you her shortened list of credentials, she has been a Board Certified Occupational Therapist and coach for over 20 years. From professional athletes, performers and business executives to individuals overcoming major setbacks due to illness or injury, Coach Dar has partnered with people from all walks of life to help them reach their full potential.

Her slogan and business motto, “Raise the Bar with Coach Dar,” is truly what her life and business is all about—which you can see when her former clients give their glowing recommendations and words of thanks to her.

In a testimonial provided by Senior Vice President of Compass Executives, LLC, Joe Crace, he had nothing but great things to say. “Darleen has a remarkable ability to connect with and guide you to your core values. Each of us is different, yet we each have the ability to find great joy in our lives with the right focus and direction. As an experienced executive and recent cancer survivor trying to reconnect with life and redefine my priorities, I have found Darleen to be invaluable in helping me regain that vision. I would strongly recommend and encourage her to anyone who desires to find greater meaning, purpose, and direction in life. She is a treasure! Please feel free to contact me with any questions.”

If that testimonial was not enough, let’s check in with a few members of the Phoenix Suns of the NBA to see what they had to say in this video on Instagram.

Wow! Beyond grateful, what a huge pay it forward …So I have been getting videos sent in like this as a random act of kindness to share in the celebration of my 20 year anniversary this month (as an occupational therapist and life/leadership/performance coach) * So I had to take a minute to Thank ALL who are a part of this huge gift, from those in front of the camera and off, and those who are behind all the videos.. to say my ? is full is an understatement… * This journey as a therapist & coach has taken me all over the country helping so many amazingly good hearted people… to see others rise up in life makes me so happy! * When people say what would you do if money was no object I say exactly what I am doing it’s not work it’s my passion. * And PHX @suns Words can’t express how grateful I am for this video & the opportunity to work with you all. * @earljwatson @ebled2 @t.warren12 , Ryan, thank you so much, #family #WeArePhx #stand4kindness #payitforwarday ??? -Coach Dar

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As you can see, Coach Dar has the ability to connect with individuals from all walks of life—and we are excited to see how she can help you on your career journey. Her articles will be featured in our weekly eNewsletter (sign up when the pop-up box comes on your screen), through our social accounts (give us a follow at the top of your page) and through Coach Dar’s social pages as well (you can find the links to those below).

If you have any questions for Coach Dar, please feel free to head over to her website and submit it to her through one of the methods outlined on her “Ask Coach Dar” page. Also, don’t forget to mention you are from VIKTRE, this way she knows to include you in her next post on our website!

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Twitter: @TheCoachDar
Facebook: Darleen Santore
Instagram: @CoachDar

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